Dad revisited the theme of butterflies throughout his career.  I asked him why, and he said they were interested him because they were a think of great beauty that lasted only a short while.  That resonated with him as he thought about the losses in his life and the people he knew who died too young.

At the end of his life, he was painting butterflies almost exclusively.


About this site

In October of 2014, My father, Gary Zaruba, passed away.  He left an amazing legacy due to his decades of work as an artist, an educator, a museum founder, a curator, and a collector.

Much of the work my father has done endures.  The museum he had a strong hand in founding, the Museum of Nebraska Art, is flourishing as a cultural institution.  The artists he have taught have fulfilling careers as teachers and artists themselves, and we were gratified to hear from many of them in the days after he died.  His individual works of art are appreciated by those who own them.

I wanted to make a place where I could bring many of those things together.  Right now, I’m primarily interested in Dad’s artwork.  Now that he won’t be creating any more, all of his pieces feel that much more precious to me.  Therefore, I feel compelled to make a virtual “gallery.”